TechPowerUp Radeon BIOS Editor tool 1.26

RBE is a tool which helps you with over-/underclocking and tuning your recent ATI video card. Unlike other programs as Rivatuner for example, RBE will provide a modified version of your video card's original BIOS that you can flash upon your video card.
There is no installation required. Just download the RBE.exe and run it. There is just that one single file. No administrative privileges are required to run RBE, whether you use Windows XP or Vista.

 A change-log by the software's creator follows.
* Added (preliminary) support for Radeon HD 6850 and 6870. Everything _should_ work, except for voltage modding.
* Fixed minor WinFlash version detection bug.
* Improved built-in hex editor search functionality (again).
* Improved flashing procedure for more stability.
* Fixed Dell Subvendor-ID - thanks to Clinton for the tip!

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