Intel 25nm X25-M SSD specifications leaked Vs X25-M G3

Specifications leaked on the web about the next 25nm technologies SSD from Intel the Intel X25-M G3 and this must lead to double the capacity of the SSD up to 600GB with the same price as the current X25-M G2 34nm SSDs .

Details of Intel's third-gen X25-M "Postville Refresh" SSD have been published over at AnandTech. The new disks will be available in capacities of 80/160/300/600GB and promise read speeds of up to 250MB/s (same as before) and write speeds of up to 170MB/s (vs 100MB/s on the G2). The random write performance has been significantly improved, just as the drive lifespan, while one of the new main features is support for AES-128 encryption. The only downside is the increased maximum power consumption."via dvhardware"

Specifications of Intel X25-M G3 Vs Intel X25-M G2 :
Intel Consumer SSD Comparison
Intel X25-M G2 (34nm) Intel X25-M G3 (25nm)
Codename Postville Postville Refresh
Capacities 80/160GB 80/160/300/600GB
Sequential Performance Read/Write Up to 250/100 MB/s Up to 250/170 MB/s
Random 4KB Performance Read/Write Up to 35K/8.6K IOPS Up to 50K/40K IOPS
Max Power Consumption Active/Idle 3.0/0.06W 6.0/0.075W
Total 4KB Random Writes (Drive Lifespan) 7.5TB - 15TB 30TB - 60TB
Power Safe Write Cache No Yes
Form Factors 1.8" & 2.5" 1.8" & 2.5"
Security ATA Password ATA Password + AES-128
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