Zalman VF3000F the Nvidia GF100 cooler

The Zalman VF3000F is a VGA heatsink specifically made for Nvidia's GF100 series GPUs and comes in two models: One for GTX 480 and one for GTX 470/465 GPUs. The same effective five 6mm heatpipe into aluminum fin design from the VF3000N is also used in the VF3000F, as well as twin 92mm fans, which provide a quiet, active cooling solution. The Zalman VF3000F aims to provide a significant thermal improvement over stock Nvidia cooling, so you can fold 24-7 and play the latest games without worrying about your video card's health.

Specifications and Features

Model and Specifications
  Dimensions   239(L) x 98(W) x 51(H)mm
  Weight   430g
  Base Material (Fin)   Pure Aluminum
  Base Material (Base)   Pure Copper
  Base Material (Heatpipes)   Pure Copper
  Dimensions   92(L) x 92(W) x 15(H) mm
  Bearing Type   EBR Bearing
  RPM (Fan Mate 2)   Silent Mode: 1,400rpm ± 15%
  Normal Mode: 3,000rpm ± 15%
  Noise Level   Silent Mode: 18dBA ± 15%
   Normal Mode: 33dBA ± 15%
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Benchmark Test

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