Galaxy S2 i9100 Vs i9100G performance comparison on ICS (Difference part2)

Hello again guys, after the previous comparison article few months ago, here is another one, a new comparison between the Sasmung Galaxy S2 i9100 and the Galaxy S2 i9100G, and this time using the latest Google Android ICS 4.0.3 OS, many users were asking this question, which is the faster and what is the difference between the two versions.

ts clear the the i9100 version take the lead in term of performance when compared with the i9100G, and this last one come with some good features like a slight longer battery life and lower heats spreading, you ask why, thats because the i9100G uses a different CPU and chipset inside, in addition a longer time spent on the Idle state than the i9100 meaning lower CPU usage, a lower performance and a higher battery life, you can check our previous article comparing features over here.

But what is new on this comparison is that it's under the latest Google Android ICS , booth smartphones uses the same OS version which is 4.0.3 official ROM, now lets straight move to the results.

Benchmark results

AnTuTu Benchmark comparison results:
i9100 Vs i9100G AnTuTu Benchmark

Quadrant Benchmark comparison results:
i9100 Vs i9100G Quadrant Benchmark

As you all can see, the i9100 take the lead in everything except the data base I/O in AnTuTu, so the conclusion if you are searching for performance, go ahead with the Galaxy S2 i9100, but if you want a cool smartphone that will not heat and battery least for long, chose the i9100G, take a look at the snapshots bellow to understand what I mean.

External benchmarks selection:

I want to add these great tests comparing the i9100 (i9100P) and the i9100G which done by digitalversus guys, the comparison show a solid performance on the Galaxy S2 i9100 but that will cost some heats and battery life, check out the result bellow.

Battery life:

 Heats comparison i9100 Vs i9100G:

the screenshot bellow compare the graphics quality on the two phones, the i9100 is slightly better than i9100G when comparing shadows;
Gaming performance result

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