GTA V first ingame pictures and graphics (updated)

Rockstar introduced the first ingame pictures of the upcoming GTA V, three new image released showing how will the game looks like, GTA game is released every three or four years featuring a combination of multi-modes game is one of the most famous video game of all the times all over the world.

The first picture show a cycling mode with a professional bike and wearing a cycling suit, the second one show a "CHEETA" car which is more close to the Bugatti Veyron from the back, the third one show a helicopter in the sky of the city, and the last picture show the comeback of the jetfighter with an nice graphics and lighting,

The expected release date of the game will be on March 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, waiting for the confirmation from Rockstar.

We'll keep this article up to date with latest screenshots and video about GTA V so stay tuned.

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