HP Probook 6450b divers Wndows 7 working (laptop drivers)

Hello guru guys and welcome to this new driver tutorial, today we will list drivers list solution for the HP Probook 6450b product "WL554AV" 14inch laptop for Windows 7 operating system, this laptop comes with lot of devices and features meaning more drivers, base specs of this tested laptop is and Intel i5 CPU, with an integrated Intel HD graphics.

So after a successful Windows 7 installation you need to download these corresponding drivers for your Probook 6450b to make everything work fine with no missed driver or problems, these drivers will work with all Windows 7 editions, also these can highly work with the new Windows 8 using the manual driver installation method.
HP Probook 6450b
Now lets move to the drivers needed for the laptop (hit download on every page):

Drivers list:

Now after downloading the above files, just install all of them one by one, and there you go your laptop is ready to use at optimal capabilities, if you have any problem please leave a comment bellow and I will try my best to help your.

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HP Probook 6450b divers Wndows 7 working (laptop drivers) HP Probook 6450b divers Wndows 7 working (laptop drivers) Reviewed by Mhr on 14:18 Rating: 5


  1. MEEEE23:05


  2. cascos21:57

    no webcam driver?

  3. You dont need Webcam driver under Windows 7, just install webcam tool : http://download.cnet.com/windows/webcam-software/

  4. cascos09:22

    i did, but the webcam just showed black screen. it does not show my picture (face)

  5. Ok, if your driver is installed (check device manager) reinstall the video codecs or try to change codec setting with webcam tools, if that wont help, then you have a hardware problem


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