How to remove Voice talk Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 on ICS

Many users ask us for a solution to get rid of the Samsung Voice talk feature or "Vlingo" application on their Samsung smartphone, and here is our respond with a very easy tutorial to remove and uninstall this mad application which can be launched at any time when you use your smartphone by accidentally pressing two times the middle OK button, this method work with Sasmung galaxy S, Galaxy S2 i9100 and also Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300.

The very good news about this method is that you don't need to root your smartphone, yes just few easy steps and that app will disapear from your phone, So lets start the uninstall process:

  • First thing first keep in mind that this method will definitely remove the Voice talk application.
  • If OK, now go to Google play on your smartphone and search for this app "Easy Uninstaller" and install it (some report that Go luancher also do the job).
  •  Now open Easy Uninstaller and search for Voice talk application, select it and chose Uninstall selected application.
  • Thats it, no root required, no headache.
  • If you face any problem restart your Galaxy smartphone.

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How to remove Voice talk Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 on ICS How to remove Voice talk Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 on ICS Reviewed by Mhr on 17:57 Rating: 5


  1. John08:02

    Thank you sir! Much appreciated! This stupid underdeveloped app only kept on pissing me off when I wanted to use S2 just the way I used to use S+, double pressing home to get immediately to the main screen.

  2. You are welcome sir, just want to help everybody for a simpler HT life

  3. Gary13:56

    Did not work. I do not see Voice Talk in the app list in my S3.


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