Hidden folders problem/Virus fix solution for Windows

Hello guys, you are here because your folders are forced to be hidden, so today I want to show you a small trick that help you to get rid of the hidden folder virus or script (you can name it what you want) form your Windows xp, Vista or 7 without formatting your flash disk, partition or deleting the folders and recreate them.

Antivirus or antispyware will not help you to fix this problem even after the virus is cleaned, so to fix back your folders statue you have just to use a small command line, lets move to the steps:

  • First press "win button + R", type "cmd" and click OK, or open command prompt window using administrator right.
  • On the DOS window type in the line bellow, where the red 'F' is the letter of your partition of flash disk (if the hidden folders are in sub folder write the full path):
  • Move  to the folder or disk where the hiden folders are located.
  • you must execute the cmd.exe with administrate privileges.
  • attrib.exe -r -s -h /s /d F:\*.*
  •  Click enter, wait, and there you go, all your hiden folders are back !
If you have any question or problem let me know on the comments bellow, and if it help you just say thanks !

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