LuxMark v2.0 tool with OpenCL benchmark feature

A new release of the benchmarking tool LuxMark V2.0 is out, the new version come with new features and improvements, you can try it now for free

The new features rise the complexity of the benchmark of nearly one order of magnitude and it should be able to put some serious stress on the new generation of GPUs. The capability to submit results to a centralise WEB database looks like the most interesting new feature of LuxMark v2.0.
* Open source
* 100% OpenCL
* Cross platform (Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.)
* Complex/real world code used as GPU computing benchmark
* Support for OpenCL GPUs-only, OpenCL CPUs+GPUs, OpenCL CPUs-only and native CPU-only benchmarking
* Support for Interactive mode
* Easy to run
* Multiple scenes usable as benchmarks
New in LuxMark v2.0:
* Totally new rendering engine based on SLG2 with Metropolis Light Transport, Multiple Importance Sampling, Image reconstruction done on the GPU, ecc;
* Multi-platform OpenCL support;
* 2 new benchmark scenes, for a total of 3 benchmarks with a raising complexity (~200,000, ~500,000, ~2,000,000 triangles);
* Run the benchmark only on the OpenCL devices you selected on the device panel;
* Added the possibility to submit the scored result to a centralised result database

Download LuxMark v2.0 Now.

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