Nvidia: GTX 680 will beat the HD 7970

The most powerful single GPU graphic card is now the AMD Radeon HD 7970, AMD is happy and proud with its all new technology used inside the Tahiti GPU with the first 28nm GPU in the world, but wait Nvidia see that from another view.

Today a high ranking Nvidia official said during a meeting with Nordic Hardwareman that the all new AMD HD 7970 is not as powerful as we expected: "Honestly, we expected more from our competitor’s new architecture," and he inform that before the release of the HD 7970, Nvidia has compiled some performance estimation of the HD 7970, was expected to be more powerful specially it use an all new process technology.

So may be this is why Nvidia isn't hurry in releasing its next generation Kepler based Graphic card, and Nvidia here is confident and believe that the next Geforce GTX 680 will leave the current HD 7970 on the bottom

But what is unknown is the release date of the Kepler graphic card, which will be available somewhere on the first half of 2012,
the same Nvidia representative hinted that the new architecture could launch by the end of March.

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