Microsoft: No Xbox 720/3 this year

More rumours surface on the surface about the release date of the next generation of gaming console from Microsoft, Xbox 720 or 3, but what is clear and sure according to the latest announcement from Microsoft is that there is no next Xbox this year (report
"We're in an industry that grow fast, it likes to tell stories. I am not convinced that any new thing will appear this year from us. The cycle of the current Xbox 360 is still and can last longer. The proof is that we cannot see any drop of sale or Xbox 360 price until now. After what it will happen at E3, it is still premature to see new console this year. What is certain to say now is that there will be nothing new in this year. "
This is what Microsoft see, but the big question is will the next Xbox 3/720 can resist the fast growing hardware technology and you can imagine a console with a graphic power similar to the Radeon HD 6670 is selling near a Nvidia Kepler 28nm graphic card or an AMD HD 7990.
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