Saturday, January 21, 2012

Safe run infected exe file on your PC with sandbox

Your favorite software or application is infected and you must run it now but you are afraid from the virus infection ? Then the solution is here, on this tuturial you will learn an the easiest and safest way to run an infected software or .exe file on your computer with zero risk to spread the infection to all your system.

The method is to use something called Sandbox, which safety run any application or software isolated from your Widows OS environment, so with that the infection will go no where into other .exe files.

Steps :
  • First you need to download a tool called Sandboxie over here and install the software.
  • Then the first thing you must do before using sandboxie, is to add the infected exe file to the exception list of your Antivirus software ( for example on AVG, go to tools - settings and under antivirus menu there is the exception list)
  • Then open sanboxie with 'Run any program sandboxed'.

  • Chose browse and select the exe file that you want to run safety and click OK.
That's it the software must run as usual and with no risk of infection (use it at the good way guys ), if you have any problem please comment.

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