Ipad 3 specifications details first leaks

A non public details leaked today from and Apple Ipad partner from Asia about the next tablet from Apple, the Ipad 3, details said the device will use High Definition screen resolution 1080p and supporting the latest wirlesse networks standards report Bloomberg.

The new Ipad 3 is supposed to be for sale next March and will be ready for volume production on February, the source report and confirm that the next Ipad will feature as expected a quad core processor which helps to improve dramatically the performance compared with current Ipad 2, also the new Ipad 3 will have a graphic performance 20 time faster than the current Ipad 2 , yes you read it right that will lead to a  new generation of mobile games, (PS Vita will have some hard time), that's all we have now, waiting for more details, also we expect that these specifications will be the same on the next Iphone 5.

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