Windows 8 Reset and Refresh Features

Microsoft show off new features on Windows8 the next generation of operating system, the new features are shown on a screen-shots, a reset and refresh feature that make you able to reset and restore Windows8 settings, applications and do a system clean up and reinstall the OS, something like on a mobile OS.

How to do a reset or refresh on Windows8:
"To do a reset or refresh the users will need to boot into the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) that will handle the actual data erasing process and proceed with re-installing the operating system. The drive format can either be 'Quick' to save time, or 'Thorough', to ensure that the data erased will be very hard to restore."

Another Refresh option involves creating an image of Windows 8 using the recimg.exe command line tool, and restoring it when things go south.

"After you've created the custom image, whenever you refresh your PC, not only will you be able to keep your personal data, settings, and Metro style apps, but you can restore all the desktop apps in your custom image as well," says Desmond Lee on the Building Windows 8 blog. "And if you buy a PC that already comes with a recovery image on a hidden partition, you'll be able to use the tool to switch from using the hidden partition to instead use the custom image you've created."

These new features prove to be time saving options with a limited or full Windows reinstall process which will keep your applications and/or backup your settings, currently available on the preview version of Windows 8.

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