GK-110-485-A2 the GTX 680 GPU picture surfaced

Somewhere on a Chinese forum, a guy surfaced a picture of the Nvidia's next generation graphics card GPU, called GK110 GPU, this GPU will be used inside the next Geforce GTX 680 video card.

The one showed a picture of a GPU die with a A2 revision, on the first picture the reference name was removed, but the second one show a GPU reference name "GK-110-485-A2", the new generation is codenamed Kepler and here Nvidia use for the first time a TSMC’s 28nm processing technology (AMD just done that on the HD 7970 ).

Even after the release of the direct competitor, the AMD Radeon HD 7970 which also use the 28nm process, Nvidia does not announce any official release date for its Kepler products until this moment, rumours said that it will be available in February or at the next CEBIT, for now just check out the pictures:


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GK-110-485-A2 the GTX 680 GPU picture surfaced GK-110-485-A2 the GTX 680 GPU picture surfaced Reviewed by Mhr on 14:33 Rating: 5

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