HDD with 1TB/s speed using lazer heat?

Researchers and Physicists with Thomas Ostler at the University of York managed to invent a genius idea to extremely boost the performance or write speed to the hard drive disk surface using lazer heat to write and read data and make the HDD hundreds of times faster than the current magnetic method HDDs.

The HDD recording procedure is to record 0 or 1 into every portions from billions on the HDD surface magnetized in a particular polar direction, flipping the polarities of these tiny portions can be greatly expedited using short bursts of heat that is very precise amount of heat generated by beaming a very fine laser for less than a trillionth of a second into the byte portion, which momentarily raises its temperature by 800 °C and heat could only assist in re-magnetization when used in conjunction with a magnetic field, according to the calculation the transfer speed could reach 1000 GB/s recording and reading and use less power than magnetic recording.

If this technology apply to the HDD this will lead to a KO hit to the SSD one, you can check it out over here.

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