Spire TME III for Intel/AMD sockets specification, pictures and price

Spire, the experimented company in building performance cooling solution for a reasonable prices release a new cooling fan block, the Spire TME III supporting the Intel socket 775/1155/1156/1366/2011 and for AMD Socket AM2/AM3/940/939 which is the successor of the TherMax Eclipse CPU cooler series, the Spire TME III use a big heatsink and five quality heatpipes to spread the heat away from the CPU as fast as possible and using two big fans to cool down the heatsink, the release date of the Spire TME III is mid-March and will cost USD 64.95, check out bellow the PR for more details and specifications about the product:

The increased number of heat-pipes combined with a higher number and density of dimpled fins and crowned with two (2) high airflow, Nano Bearing DC fans for extreme cooling performance. Five (5) U-shaped 8mm all-copper heat-pipes are in direct contact with the CPU heat-spreader (heat source), rapid heat transfer to the 45 aluminum dimpled fins providing a larger surface area for optimum heat dissipation. The TME III is supplied with two (2) 12cm BlackStar 7 blades, high quality precision Nano - Bearing DC fans, providing high airflow and sufficient cooling. These fans are PWM controlled to provide the best sound / cooling ratio possible. Compatibility is guaranteed with multi-platform mounting for all current Intel and AMD micro-processors. The TME III brings cooling power to an all-new level.

Specifications and Main Features:
* Five (5) 8mm all copper U-shaped sinter-powder heat-pipes
* Heat-pipe base direct contact with all of the processor area
* Straight lined heat-pipes allowing air to easily pass through
* Stamped aluminum wide fins for best surface rate
* Dimpled surface fin for increased heat transfer rate
* All black-Nickel coated heat-pipes to preserve killer looks from oxidation
* Two (2pcs) 120mm BlackStar 7 blade DC fan included
* High Quality, Long MTBF precision Nano - Bearing
* Supports AM2/AM3 socket 939/940/ 775/1155/1156 & 1366/2011
* Best cooling performance on hot CPU’s up to TDP 150W
* PWM fan speed control, 4 Pin Mainboard Connector
The TME III Cooler is compatible with the latest ATX and Micro ATX boards based on the Intel Micro-processors sockets 775/1155/1156/1366/2011 and for AMD Micro-processors AM2/AM3/940/939 for AMD (not G34 compatible).
USD 64.95 / EUR 48.99
Spire TME III pictures:

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