How to open/replace Dell Inspiron N5010 HDD (plus cleaning CPU cooler) tutorial

Peace at all, on this new how to tutorial article that I decide to write just for helping everyone need to change a damaged Hard drive or upgrade the HDD to a bigger capacity on the DELL Inspiron laptop N5010 or R15 by flowing a step by step guide.

Ok now time to work, the HDD on the DELL Inspiron laptop N5010 is placed under the top cover, so that make it a bit harder than other laptop that the hard drive is placed under a small cover on the bottom, don't worry I'm with you guys just follow every step, bellow is a step by step photos with description of every step, now prepare your self and bring your screwdriver and lets get started.

  • First thing to do is to open the laptop bottom screws that hold the top cover and the keyboard:

  • Now remove the RAM cover and open a keyboard and a disk drive screw, BTW here you can find the RAM if you need to play with it:

  • Now lets move to the top of the laptop and remove the keyboard, this step is quite different and need some attention to not scratch or damage any button, there is four holder on the top of the keyboard that hold the keyboard down, you need to push them up and at the same time push the keyboard up, try to use a credit card to push the keyboard up and a small flat screwdriver to push the holder back:

  • Now gently push the keyboard up and take your attention here cause there is a flex cable between the keyboard and the motherboard, release it by gently pushing the plastic holder up :

  • Good job, now you will open four screw and three flex cables, one for the power button, the led indicators and the mouse pad:

  • At this step the top cover is ready to be removed, again pay your attention or you will scratch the top cover, use a plastic or a credit card and be patience at this step:
Cleaning the CPU fan and heatsink: Another fix I want to note you can do it on the way, up there on the corner you can see the CPU fan, I advise you if your laptop is old to clean out the fan and the heatsink using an hair dryer at maximum speed, that will clean the heat sink and improve the air flow and heat spread out of the PC leading to more performance gain.

  • There you go, I can see you, the hard drive is there finally, final step before removing the HDD is to open four screws that hold the HDD, the screws are on the back of the laptop:

  • Now you can remove the HDD by pull it up and push it back:

That's it now play back all the steps to close your Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop, if you need any help or got any question, please don't hesitate to write a comment bellow.

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How to open/replace Dell Inspiron N5010 HDD (plus cleaning CPU cooler) tutorial How to open/replace Dell Inspiron N5010 HDD (plus cleaning CPU cooler) tutorial Reviewed by Mhr on 22:48 Rating: 5

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