Playstation 4 processor is AMD branded ?

Former AMD employees report that the next Sony Playstation 4 gaming console will use an AMD processor, so Sony seems to start working on the next generation of its console while everyone know now that there is no Sony Playstation 4 console on this year, that was confirmed by Sony.

An AMD processor is already inside the Microsoft Xbox 360 console and the PS3 use a Nvidia one, seems that there will be a processor brand switching on the next generation of console between Microsoft and Sony or, Some information leaked a time ago said that the next Xbox will use an AMD fusion processor, so will AMD dominate the gaming console platform.

AMD declined to comment on the project. Sony Chief Transformation Officer George Bailey also declined to discuss Sony's new console, or even acknowledge its existence, stay tuned for more information to come about booth next Xbox and the Playstation 3.

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