iBUYPOWER PC with Intel Core i7 3820 CPU released

iBUYPOWER computer enterprise, announce the availability of the new Intel Core i7 3820 CPU for its products, with Paladin XLC (extreme liquid cooling) and Erebus Custom Liquid Cooling systems.

The  Intel Core i7 3820 CPU is a "Sandy Bridge-E" micro-architecture CPU using the 32nm process and run at speed of 3.6Ghz and can reach 3.9Ghz when in turbo mode, packing four cores and can do eight threads, the i7 3820 come with 10MB of cache memory and its unit price is expected to be 285$.

iBUYPOWER systems running Intel 3820 are faster not only in clock speed compared to the x58-based CPUs they replace, but they're also faster clock-for-clock, and more efficient with power. This translates into a smoother gaming experience and faster load times to get gamers back into the action quicker. Additional advantages include quad channel memory, more PCIE lanes for improved multi-GPU performance and faster hard drive transfer speeds.

"We are excited to offer these speedy new CPUs that are faster than the previous generation but more efficient," said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER. "Best of all the Intel Core i7 3820 is priced similarly to the slower previous generation, allowing us to pass that savings on to our customers."
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