Upload a big sql DB to PHPmyAdmin Wampp

This is a common problem arrive to many webmasters that try to upload a big file into the mysql using PHPmyAdmin under wamp software or any other application like easyphp and Xampp.

The standard uploading system does not allow more than 2MB by default, and even if you change that parameter and increase it on the PHP.ini you will face execution time of 300 seconds exceeded limits, and also if you managed to change the limit time variable, that will not help me.

So after some research I found out the working solution to upload my large sql file into phpmyadmin using by using a small php script called bigdump, the script will do the dirty work for you and no headache.

First download the bigdump.php
Then put the file into your root directory.
open the file by typing yoursiteurl/bigdump.php
This will open a page with the Dump Importer, use it to browse your big sql file and start the import process.

Thats it, very easy and no limit for your data base size, if you have any problem let me know on the comment.

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