Ipad 3 Vs Ipad 2 Vs Iconia W500 performance test when browsing

The Apple Ipad 3 is now available on the markets next to a wide range of different tablets, talking about what is deferent between the available high-end tablets in term of performance and what is the best choice for you, the Ipad 3 come with an advanced Retina Display compared with the Ipad 2 with a higher resolution  DPI, and use an A5X chip which is supposed to be better than the A5 chip on the Ipad 2, but the Ipad 3rd Gen is nothing but an Ipad 2 with a higher density of pixels on the screen  wich is noticable only when you have an 230x microscope, according to the leaked benchmark.

This is confirmed after the leaked browser benchmark from Futuremark using it's browser performance test tool Peacekeeper based on HTML5 technology for mobile devices, comparing the score result of the Ipad 3 with the Ipad 2,  Acer Iconia W500, Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Ipad 3 score the same result as the previous generation and the Acer Iconia W500 take the first place, simply if you are planing to upgrade your Ipad 2, better spend your money on an another experience such as a Windows or Android based device, and if you don't own an Ipad and planing to buy one, go ahead and chose the Ipad 3.

Benchmark snapshot:

Press release:
Peacekeeper is an HTML5 based browser performance test that can be used to measure and compare the performance of any browser on any Internet capable device, from desktops and notebooks, to tablets and smartphones. What’s more, as a device's browser performance is strongly linked to the power of its CPU, Peacekeeper offers a straightforward way to compare the performance of competing devices regardless of differences in operating system..

Popular tablets ranked by browser performance as measured by Peacekeeper
(higher scores are better)
Scores comparison:

- Acer Iconia W500 (Windows 8 consumer preview) - Peacekeeper score 405
- Apple iPad 3rd gen (iOS 5.1) - Peacekeeper score 384
- Apple iPad 2 (iOS 5.1) - Peacekeeper score 383
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Peacekeeper score 356
- ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime (Android 4.0.3) - Peacekeeper score 344
- Apple iPad 1st gen (iOS 5.1) - Peacekeeper score 234
You can find the benchmark page here.

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