ASUS U82U laptop details and specifications

After the Asus Zenbook family, Soon ASUS one of the biggest computer manufacturer in the world is going to launch an ultra thin laptop, the ASUS U82U which feature an AMD APU.

The new ASUS U82U laptop uses an 14inch display, with a lightweight 1.8Kg with metallic finish, note that the Asus Zenbook is much lighter with 1.3 kg, inside the ASUS U82U there is an AMD E-450 APU dual core clocked at 1.6Ghz and use a Radeon HD 6320 GPU for graphics, DDR3 controller up to 1333Mhz clock speed and a TDP 18W (bellow a table compare the E 450 APU with its competitors).

Whats more to note is that this laptop will support 2 USB 3.0 standard and 2GB of DDR3 system memory, a 500GB hard drive,

If you want a 14 inch big screen, but also want a lightweight and portable. This 14-inch The U82U 1.8Kgw very cost-effective. The near future Sold in the channel, a fan in need, contact at all distribution outlets, the price will be arround 590$ which is cheaper than the ASUS Zenbook, ASUS want more users for their ultra thin models.

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