GTX 680 Vs HD7970 Vs HD 7950 first benchmarks ?

Today is the Geforce GTX 680 day, I wish this is the last article about this card today, anyway this one come is quite interesting information about the card, I just found out that the first unofficial benchmark results are already compiled and leaked on couple of sites and forums, based on the leaked benchmark numbers, the next Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 will be 40% faster than the current Tahiti GPU based Radeon HD 7970 from AMD.

Bellow three benchmark pictures showing the performance of the "Kepler" 28nm based GPU graphic card Geforce GTX 680 compared with the AMD Radeon HD 7970 and HD 7950 on sixteen games, the second is a graph that also show an unofficial benchmark comparison with the addition to the GTX 670 Ti, the last one is a 3DMark 2006 benchmark score result of the GT 650M, so take them with a grain of salt until the official tests hit the labs.

GTX 680 Vs HD7970 and HD 7950 benchmark:
NGF Community

This one is the GT 650M score result using 3DMark 2006 :

According to divers resources:
GTX 680 compared

gtx680-----3.5% faster than hd7970
---------------21% faster than gtx670ti
---------------30% faster than hd7950
GTX 670 Ti compared
gtx670ti-----21% slower than hd7970
---------------12% faster than hd7950
average power consumptions:
gtx680 240w -----30% higher than hd7970
gtx670ti 200w -----35% higher than hd7950
hd7970 170w - by TPU
hd7950 130w -by TPU

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  1. Anonymous17:29

    For compare the nvidia vs ati gpu you must use the same library for physics....
    no aegeia Physx but Bullet(open)
    run 3dmark11.....


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