ZALMAN HD7950-Z pictures and specifications

ZALMAN on of the biggest fans and cooler system maker is going to release it's firs AMD Radeon HD 7950 based graphic card ZALMAN HD7950-Z, feature their own VF3000 cooler uses red-led two big fans and heat-pipes.

Using PCI-Ex 3.0 and the latest 28nm based Tahiti GPU from AMD in addition to the new cooling system that can cool the GPU and components down 20°C compared to the AMD's reference cooler promise a big overclocking roof for the user, the card pack 3GB of GDDR5 running @ 5Ghz effective clock using 384bit wide bus to connect with the GPU that run at 800Mhz core, bellow a graph comparison of the temperature gain.

Temperature test Vs reference design:

Product pictures:

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