AMD Tenerife HD 7980/7990 graphic card details ?

Take this one with a grain of salt, Softpedia report via OBR-Hardware what is called the “Tenerife”, the next generation of graphic core from AMD.

The information appeared on a screenshot showing the successor to the Tahiti graphics processing unite which is used on the new AMD HD 7000 series, the new core technology is called Tenerife” based on a new "Enhanced Graphics CoreNext" architecture and a shader architecture GCN 2.0, what is noticeable on the screen-shot "World's Fastest GPU" and "Accept no compromises" is that the new graphic card will target the next generation of Nvidia's Kepler card after a previous announcement of this last one said that Kepler GPU will hit hard the HD 7970.

The new graphic card and we guess that it would be something like Radeon HD 7980 or HD 7990, will be 1.2x faster than the Tahiti based Radeon HD 7970, using 384 bit of memory bus and 3GB of GDDR5 and an ultra high resolution gaming, check out the picture for more details and specifications:

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