Playstation 4 graphics quality pictures compiled ?

PSM3 magazine released an article show two graphics pictures of what they imagine from the next generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 4 .

The two picture are a compiled based the same hardware as the next PS4 will use, Sony will use an AMD processor and make an end to the IBM Cell chip, sources near tech specialist Richard Leadbetter, of Digital Foundry said that the  PS4 will be "essentially a PC", the pictures show a powerful lighting and shaders effects with a high texture resolution set, we guess that Sony can easily beat this limit, indeed they are currently close using a new graphic engine called Quantic Dream from Heavy Rain.

Something close to Crysis 2 with enhanced texture huh ?
In addition to these two pictures lets go further and watch these videos bellow, just some videos from nowhere, keep in mind, no official visual :

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