How to add "All Programs" button to Windows 8 task-bar

Hello guys to this new and the first tutorial of Windows 8 the new Microsoft's operating system, Windows 8 come with lot of features like metro style and touch screen friendly enthronement but there is no Start menu and All Programs button on the task bar make it harder for beginners to access their installed programs.
So this fast and very easy tips will help you to add a simple button to the task bar that open all your programs just like the one on the previous Windows OSs, and no need for a third party program to do this, do it your self, lets begin.

  • First right click on the task bar.
  • And go to toolbars and then select new toolbar.
  • Now put the folowing text on the "Folder:" field : "%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" without quotes, then click add folder button.
  • Now you will see a new toolbar with "Programs" label, click on the two arrow next to it and you will access all your programs list.
  • You can move that toolbar to the left so it will look like the regular Windows program menu.

Thank you if you have any problem let me know bellow.

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How to add "All Programs" button to Windows 8 task-bar How to add "All Programs" button to Windows 8 task-bar Reviewed by Mhr on 16:55 Rating: 5


  1. Susan Lewis20:02

    I do not get an add folder option...

  2. Hello, Actually Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 few months ago which already include an official start button, so better way is to update to 8.1.


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