Playstation 4 release date set to October or November

Nice information reported recently from Michael Pachter, a high profile gaming research analyst for Wedbush Securities about the release date of the next generation of Sony gaming console the Playstation 4, also about the future of Playstation 3.

The man said that the Playstation 4 release date is set to happen somewhere on October or November next year, he said:

"Another time, Sony seems to release the PS4 after the release of the next Microsoft's Xbox. In fact, I am quite sure that we will see the PS4 in October or November next year. I do not think they will launch the console before that date since it does not really make sense to do it too early with no games. I think the developers are working on PS4 games for a little over a year. Holidays 2013 would be a good opening for Sony, and it would give them more time to release a good product. "
He also noted that the Playstation 3 still got a long solid lifetime with more than two years, and for sure the PS3 will get a lot of price cuts which can be slashed down to 99$ at the end of life.

Expected graphics of the Playstation 4
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