GTA 5 story and characters features detailed

Here we've already gathered for you high-lights of the upcoming famous video game, GTA V, what's expected on the game from characters and game style, in addition to the main character named Albert DeSilva, GTA 5 will also comes with a secondary guy, the player will also have the opportunity to play another character, Dougie Vejo, just arrived in Los Santos, check below for more:

  • The first character of GTA 5 is Albert DeSilva, 42, from Puerto Rico, divorced, with 2 children.
  • He delves into the crime world after being ruined by a scam ( named Ponzi scheme).
  • The second character in the game is named Dougie Vejo, a young offender just arrived in Los Santos city.
  • The customization of the personage is limited some clothing, hairstyles and facial features.
  • Los Santos will be the main big city but there will be other small cities available in the vicinity.
  • The gang Grove Street form the old GTA San Andreas will be available (no CJ).
  • It will be possible to acquire properties like houses.
  • One or more characters in GTA IV could appear.
  • The possibility of visual-tuning the cars.
  • The fictional band Lovefist from GTA Vice City will be available also.
  • Two new mini-games the golf and tennis will be there and noticed recently on videos.
  • Some songs already announced: My Michelle (Guns'n'Roses) Magic Power (Triumph), California Dreaming (The Beach Boys) and Beautiful (Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell).

The game is expected to be available on the next spring of 2013, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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