A smartphone with 48 cores CPU, a new future vision

Interesting news from the future, Intel's researchers are currently working in developing a new era of multi core CPUs with a design allow no less than 48 cores in a single die for mobile platform, meaning an ultra small chip, all that wil be between five to ten years from now, very logical noting that in only three years company moved from 40nm to 22nm.
The chip will be built using "single-chip cloud computer" (SCC) design, Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy said "If we're going to have this technology in five to 10 years, we could finally do things that take way too much processing power today," and "This could really open up our concept of what is a computer... The phone would be smart enough to not just be a computer but it could be my computer." this will open a new era of technologies and may totally change our vision to current desktop computers and mobile devices, just imagine a smartphone with 48 cores CPU or even more on your pocket, that mean you can do any tasks using all that horse power inside from high end gaming at Full-HD or 4K resolution at full 60FPS speed, heavy media developing applications, and even make your smartphone as a media server on your home, and just by connecting your mobile device to an external monitor, a wirelsss keyboard and a mouse you can do any regular task we does currently on our desktop PC


A prototype single chip cloud computer SCC, now seems bigger than we imagine. (Photo: Sharon Gaudin / Computerworld)
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