Monday, November 19, 2012

Atom Bay Trail-T specifications and performance leaked compared to Clover Trail

Some precious information leaked on TPU about the next generation of Intel's Atom chip to target tablets and mobile devices, the new chip code named "Bay Trail-T" will features the Valleyview-T SoC using 22nm processing.

The new chip now packs four physical cores compared to two cores previously,  the clock speed of the cores are set to 2.1Ghz from 1.5Ghz, LPDDR3 with up to 1067Mhz clock speed with up to 17GB/s memory bandwidth speed, other good keys features of the Bay Trail-T, supporting display resolution up to 2560 x 1600 pixel and moving from DirectX 9.3 to DirectX 11 on the GPU, three times faster in graphics performance and up to 60% faster than the Clover Trail chips in general performance, battery usage improved to 11hours of video playback compared to 9hours on previous Clover Trail, and 20hours of standby, check out this leaked specifications comparison table between the two chips.

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