How to Turn any TV or computer monitor into a smart TV with Android OS on it

Genius idea from Point of View, now you can turn your boarding old TV into a smart TV with an Android OS on it, the idea is very simple, a wireless dongle with an integrated computer system running the latest Android OS 4.1 Jelly bean plugged into your TV HDMI port will do the job, in addition to a wireless keyboard to control the system, then you'll navigate through an Android OS on your TV using a wireless keyboard.
With a dual-core processor and wifi internet connection, Browse websites, watch movies, play games, download apps, enjoy social media, email, watch and show pictures. It is all possible with the HDMI Smart TV Dongle from Point of View, more than that, this device can be connected to any monitor that has a HDMI port even on your computer monitor, if your monitor got a DVI port only you can get a cheap DVI to HDMI converter, and that will be damn cool!


The POV HDMI Smart TV dongle is a powerful, full featured Google Android 4.1 device. It is small, light and easy to install. When installed on your TV through an available HDMI port you will be able to run online apps, stream music and videos and you can even play games on the device.

The device can be connected easily to your home network using the built in Wifi connection.

Specification: The used processor is a dual core Cortex A9 running on 1.6 GHz accompanied by a quad core Mali 400 GPU and 1024 MB of DDR3 system memory. This engine is guaranteed to run all your favorite apps on any size of television. The Smart TV HDMI dongle will be available with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a special multimedia launcher. It comes with the Google Play store Pre-installed.

The dongle is also equipped with a Micro SD card reader and USB2.0 connection

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How to Turn any TV or computer monitor into a smart TV with Android OS on it How to Turn any TV or computer monitor into a smart TV with Android OS on it Reviewed by Mhr on 00:09 Rating: 5


  1. ive purchased one, so far so good, no backup battery in unit so you have to leave the charger on via the micro usb port, (im toying with the idea of building some sort of rechargable pack to sit bettween the charger and unit). on the firmware upgrade from point of views support page its a zipfile containing a rockchip firmware update tool and pdf manual, i have to say though if you have a smaller screen tv the HDMI resolution can be a problem if the tv does not support the new default settings (i had a heart in mouth moment thinking id bricked it until i used my neighbours more up to date tv, panic over after chann a few settings), i would prefer just the basic jelly bean display so as i could make it personal to me, the bundled media suite is a little on the greedy size storage wise, looking for a suitable rooting tool atm so i can get at it properly, i only really enjoy adroid devices from that point. playing games is fidley with the supplied keyboard touchpad but i should imagine there are plenty of devices that could substitute, ita processing and graphics power is plentyfull, browsing speed good (use a static ip for its connection), no seperate audio out all through hdmi with i thought was a bit mean if you on an older tv. all in all a good bit of kit, worth every penny, im pleased after having never ending problems with my prestigio multipad, never doing prestigio again (good advice.

  2. Thanks Dave for your personal review about this product, precious opinion !


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