Godson-3B1500 specifications and release date

Some news website report that Longsoon, a Chinese processors maker will release an eight core based processor, at the ISSCC event in the first half of 2013, after the previous Godson-3B here is the Godson-3B1500.

The processors is based on the MIPS architecture technology (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages), you can read more about that from here, the new processor will use the x86 and ARM technology inside, Godson-3B1500 is clocked at 1.35GHz using the 32nm process (previous version was built using 65nm) packing 1.14 billion transistors, with a computing performance of 172.8 gigaflops and with a TDP of 40W, the bad news is that the Godson-3B1500 is not compatible with Microsoft Windows OSs limiting the spread of this baby

A preview from the International Solid-State Circuits Conference to be held in San Francisco starting February 17 shows the new chip is about 35 percent more power efficient than the previous Godson-3B design built on a 65nm process. It has nearly double the number of transistors as well.

Godson-3B+ socket

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