Samsung RV520 drivers Windows 7 (laptop driver)

After some requests for complete list of the Samsung RV520 laptop drivers, is proud to share it with you.

The Samsung RV520 laptop or NP-RV520 comes with an i3 or i5 intel core processor, up to 8GB of RAM, 15.6" LED display, featuring a nice design and affordable price, Samsung provide this laptop with Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium ready with all drivers, but if you buy a non windows laptop you will find your self using a Dos OS or Linux based one, so to use Windows 7 you must do it your self, and after installing Windows 7 OS the final step is to install all missed drivers correctly so bellow you'll find all needed driver for your Samsung RV520 laptop.

Driver list for windows 7 (External/Author: Samsung):

If you have any driver still not installed please let me know bellow on the comment with HWid.

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