Radeon HD 78x0 soon to counter GTX 660Ti

More sources on the net report that AMD will release a new graphic card to close the long bridge between the high end HD 7950 and the HD 7870 standard edition.

The new AMD's GPU will use the same GPU used on the HD 7950 but with may be a slashed SP clusters named Tahiti LE GPU, AMD chose to put the new product on the HD 7800 series and leave the HD 7900 to the high end products, the final name of the graphic card is unknown meanwhile when looking back you can guess that it will be named something like "Radeon HD 7890" or even named "Radeon HD 7870 Boost Edition", the new video card will be available on mid November. 

Just take a look at this benchmark comparing on Aliens Vs predator game, the Radeon HD 7870 and the HD 7950, it's clearly that the new graphic card is to counter the Nvidia's new GTX 660Ti.
Bench. coursey of xbitlabs.com
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