ASUS laptops new sandy bridge revision annonced

Based on new information from Intel, ASUS is happy to announce that updated Sandy Bridge-based products will begin shipping this week, immediately after the revised design is released by Intel. This fast response aims to prevent any further inconvenience and interruption to customers. For notebook products, ASUS will begin by rolling out revised G73SW, N53SV and N53SN models, followed by N43SL, N43SN and N73SV notebooks.

Customers who already own potentially affected models: please go to this page to verify whether your notebook is affected, and simply follow the swap procedure to get a replacement notebook. For customers planning to buy new notebooks with Intel Sandy Bridge technology, ASUS has clearly marked all packaging, including shipping cartons and gift boxes, to indicate the use of revised hardware. Just look for a sticker displaying "New Revision Certified Design" to rest assured the products have been fully updated. There are two versions of this sticker, both verifying the product is a revised version: 

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