OCZ ZX Series POWER SUPPLIES up to 1250 watts detailed

OCZ Technology Group, has launched the ZX Series power supply series to answer consumer demand for a robust high-wattage solution that is also highly-efficient. The ZX Series is designed for best-in-class performance, reliability and also features 100% modular design for the ultimate customization for today's high-end gaming systems and professional workstations. 

"The new OCZ ZX Series delivers on all levels with exceptional performance and efficiency as well as a sleek modular cable design that allows customers quick and easy configuration with just the cables they need," said Charlie McMenomey , PSU Product Manager at OCZ Technology. "The fully modular design makes installation a breeze as well as helps improve airflow in systems loaded up with high performance components, and for the ultimate stability this premium PSU comes with a large diameter ultra-quiet fan design so consumers can focus on their games and applications without the distraction of fan noise."
The newest addition to the OCZ lineup completes the family of ultra-quiet, high-reliability PSUs in 850, 1000, and 1250 watts. Featuring an 80 Plus® Gold certification, the ZX offers energy and cost savings with 92% efficiency (typical load) combined with a power output to meet the demands of the most component-heavy systems, including cutting-edge triple-graphics configurations. Additionally, the PSU is kept supremely cool with an ultra-quiet 140mm ball-bearing fan for superior noise reduction. As OCZ's first fully-modular power supply, the ZX is ideal for system builders that desire total control over connector options to maintain a tidy case environment with maximum airflow. 

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OCZ ZX Series POWER SUPPLIES up to 1250 watts detailed OCZ ZX Series POWER SUPPLIES up to 1250 watts detailed Reviewed by Mhr on 22:43 Rating: 5

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