Monday, February 28, 2011

Thunderbolt Technology Vs SATA 6 Vs USB 3 Benchmark and indepth preview

So what is the Intel Thunderbolt Technology ? The new Intel Thunderbolt Technology was introduced commercially on Apple's updated MacBook Pro lineup on 24 February 2011 ,it use the same port and connector as Mini DisplayPort with 3 meters maximum length on copper cable , the badwidth of the current Thunderbolt cable is 20 Gbit/s bi-directional using the PCI Express and DisplayPort v1.1a as a protocol ,the current cooper cable version can supply power up to 10 W but the optical version which will be introduced soon do not supply power, each port can support up to seven Thunderbolt devices and two of these devices may be run at high-resolution displays .

And here is an excellent in depth look of the Intel Thunderbolt Technology from hardwarecanucks , the article also include a data transfer speed benchmark test compared with the USB 3.0 and the SATA 6G :

Performance Benchmark Result snapshot :


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