Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.5.0.2827 GPU accelerated player

Based on the original Media Player Classic this is the new open Source Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.5.0.2827 allows you to enhance, decode and accelerate a broad span of movie formats like x.264 with GPU assisted acceleration and image quality enhancing.

  • Added new options to always default to external subtitles, ignore embedded subtitles and to set the autoload subtitle paths
  • Added support for "in24", "fl64", 8-bit "sowt", "IMA4" and "NONE" audio (old QuickTime? PCM)
  • Added support for "in24", "in32", "fl32", "fl64" (both big-endian and little-endian) in .mov files
  • Ticket #784, Enable ctrl+A in the MediaInfo? window
  • [DVB] LCN support, added EPG current event information, offset parameter for scanning channels, added channel encryption detection for DVB-t during scan
  • Added ignore encrypted channels checkbox during DVB scan
  • Armenian translation
  • Updated FFmpeg
  • Updated MediaInfoLib? to v0.7.39
  • Updated ZenLib? to v0.4.17
  • Updated Little CMS to v2.1
  • Updated libpng to v1.4.5
  • Updated libogg to v1.2.2
  • Updated libvorbis to v1.3.2
  • Cleaned up and optimized code for QT PCM, small corrections in MP4Splitter
  • DVB: the current channel audio stream is memorized and selected by default each time the channel is switched back
  • Removed DSM Converter (use the legacy branch if you need this feature)
  • Removed RoQ splitter/decoder (same as above)
  • Ticket #52, [playlist] shuffle is broken
  • Ticket #78, ESC key cannot be assigned to other actions
  • Ticket #293, giving "remember last window size" a meaning
  • Ticket #564, EVR Sync enabled when it shouldn't be
  • Ticket #627, Don't create the "AppData?\Roaming\Media Player Classic" folder if the "Remember items" in playlist is disabled
  • Ticket #628, Enable ctrl+A in Player-->Keys page
  • Ticket #647, Weird "keys" listed
  • Ticket #650, Non-media entry in playlist halts playback
  • Ticket #651, Make EVR CP stats graph smaller
  • Ticket #652, Escape key on certain form causes form to collapse
  • Ticket #655, Crash with some BBC-HD samples
  • Ticket #678, Remember last window size NOT working and mpc-hc.ini
  • Ticket #698, VMR-9 (Renderless) + pixel shaders crashes
  • Ticket #699, fix EAC3 mediatype and string
  • Ticket #712, Audio renderer menu problem with Haali splitter after r2339
  • Ticket #724, Frequency range and bandwidth value are currently not taken into account when doing a scan
  • Ticket #753, DVB-T, internal MPEG-2 filter & wrong aspect ratio
  • Ticket #775, Default options of DVD/OGM Preferred language should be "Default" not "English"
  • Ticket #776, Mouse pointer hovering over window/video should be normal not hand
  • Ticket #778, Playlist interface problem
  • Ticket #782, VMR-7 & 9 filter names misspelled
  • Ticket #791, Change the cursor behavior
  • Ticket #796, MPC HC window doesn't stay snapped to desktop corners
  • Ticket #809, Resize-arrows no longer appear with caption hidden
  • Ticket #889, [DVB] keypress in channel list makes whole pane grey
  • Ticket #891, [DVB] clicking empty slot in channel list causes small playback hiccup
  • Ticket #895, [DVB] some characters don't show in EPG OSD
  • DVB Screen sizing: takes into account the TV Navigation panel
  • Workaround to avoid madVR renderer freezing when switching DVB channels
  • Bandwidth value was hardcoded to 8MHz when doing a scan or switching channels. The value entered in scan is now saved in the configuration
Fixed in version 1.4.2824.0 / 9 January 2011:
  • Crash on Sandy Bridge processor
  • Freeze on fast forward with H264 decoderpped working on it.

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