Crysis 2 Benchmark review performance using 15 CPUs and 18 GPUs

Here is the first review of the next Crytek FPS game Crysis 2 which will be released the next 1 March , inpai guys tested a leaked unfinished build of the game leaked on the web a week ago testing the new Crytek graphic engine under 15 CPU and 18 different Graphic cards : 

Graphic cards in test :
HD5550 550/1600MHz
HD5670 775/4000MHz
HD5750 700/4600MHz
HD5770 850/4800MHz
HD5850 725/4000MHz
HD6850 775/4000MHz
HD6870 900/4200MHz
HD6950 800/5000MHz
HD6970 880/5500MHz
GT240 550/3400MHz
GT430 700/1800MHz
GT440 810/3200MHz
GTS450 820/3800MHz
GTX460(256b) 675/3600MHz
GTX470 607/3348MHz
GTX480 700/3696MHz
GTX560 Ti 823/4008MHz
GTX570 732/3800MHz

CPUs in test :
Intel Pentium E5400
Intel Pentium E6500
Intel Pentium G6950
Intel Core i3 530
Intel Core i5 670
Intel Core i5 760
Intel Core i7 870
Intel Core i3 2100
Intel Core i5 2500
AMD Athlon II X2 250
AMD Athlon II X3 440
AMD Athlon II X4 640
AMD Phenom II X2 545
AMD Phenom II X4 945
AMD Phenom II X6 1075T

Through previous performance test, I believe everyone will know well about leaked "Crysis 2".As we expected, the quality of picture is excellent,Even the DX9 version "Crysis 2" still give great pressure on various popular graphics cards on the market .Even HD5770 and GTX460 can not run the game easily,and under high resolution and high-quality setting can not guarantee game FPS.

We can see that leaked "Crysis 2" does not put great pressure on processor,But we can see that dual core processors has showed the disadvantage,triple and quad-core processors (including Intel Hyper-Threading) got good performance,But which is limited under DX9 mode test, we expect under DX11 mode, the load of processor will be higher.Memory part, the current version demand is about 2GB, loading time is significantly increased, but effect in the frame rate is not big, we also expect under DX11 mode, the memory requirements will be slightly higher."

Benchmark result snapshot

Crysis 2 @ 1920x1200 benchmark test result:
Crysis 2 Benchmark review performance using 15 CPUs and 18 GPUs Crysis 2 Benchmark review performance using 15 CPUs and 18 GPUs Reviewed by Mhr on 00:23 Rating: 5

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