ECS HDC-I Fusion motherboard with AMD E350/E240 APU details and specification

ECS just announced the HDC-I Fusion Mini-ITX motherboard based on the latest AMD dual-core E350 or single-core E240 APU:
Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) releases the latest motherboard HDC-I with built-in the newest AMD E-350 dual-core APU and E-240 single-core APU powered by AMD Hudson M-1 chipset; also, E-350/E-240 APU combining the RadeonTM HD6310 graphics inside enable users to experience more breathtaking home theater moment with less power consumed which would only be under 22watts (TDP). ECS HDC-I uses all solid capacitor for better quality and longer durability. So that ECS HDC-I is the best choice to “green” your Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) power for less price.

ECS HDC-I motherboard with AMD E-350/E-240 provides the impressive graphics performance for users who want to try the latest AMD FusionTM (APU) technology. ECS HDC-I also supports UVD 3 and DirectX 11 without a discrete graphic card. No matter users want to fully indulge in home theater moment or require thrilling gaming power, ECS HDC-I motherboard not only provides up to 3 VGA output choices- HDMI, DVI, and VGA to give users the unbelievable time for multimedia aims but also equips 8 channel HD audio and S/PDIF output to inspire users’ senses.

Mighty Slim ECS HDC-I
For the trend of saving space and energy, ECS works hard to provide the most ideal motherboard for HTPC. Within the mini-ITX size of ECS HDC-I motherboard, ECS does not neglect users’ high expanding expectation. ECS HDC-I even supports expansion as dual ports USB 3.0, eSATA, and SATA 6 Gb/s to enjoy the fastest transportation speed; One Mini PCI-E slot enables users to expand devices such as SSD, Wireless Lan Card and so on. In addition, Bluetooth enhances the interaction between HTPC and mobile devices. Besides, the fan-less heat sink helps to achieve more heat dispersion. Last but not least, the smart EZ Charger USB port provides the breathtaking speed especially for APPLE users. Not restricted by its size, there are full functions in rear I/O panel.

ECS HDC-I motherboard combining the latest AMD APU technology with abundant features and specifications (as below chart) is the ideal product for building up your own HTPC. ECS HDC-I has its debut at CeBIT 2011. Please visit Hall 17, E60, ECS booth during CeBIT 2011 March 01-2011 March 05 or visit ECS website or contact your local sales for more information.
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ECS HDC-I Fusion motherboard with AMD E350/E240 APU details and specification ECS HDC-I Fusion motherboard with AMD E350/E240 APU details and specification Reviewed by Mhr on 23:52 Rating: 5

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