NGP (PSP2) price tag rumored at 299$

Rumors continue to appear on the web about the new generation of portable gaming console from Sony , fudzilla guys said that the NGP will be priced probably at 299$ according to "gamestop" .

Yes I know , this price tag is realy cheap and competitive , noting that the device will be equipped with a quad core CPU and 5inchs touch screen,but this is only a rumor and the 349$ is more close to the realty  :

"While you can’t believe everything you read we have to suggest that if the $299 price is correct, it has to be the Wi-Fi model and does not include much beyond the unit itself and the battery. Our sources continue to tell us that a $299 price is only possible for Sony if they are willing to lose some money on the device, and a $349 price tag is far more likely."

NGP (PSP2) price tag rumored at 299$ NGP (PSP2) price tag rumored at 299$ Reviewed by Mhr on 15:14 Rating: 5


  1. Anonymous19:47

    yakhi e jeux li fih mta3 PSP 3adi walla badloulah el GFX engine ??? Samir

  2. Anonymous22:31

    hhhhhhhhh 7aseb rayek 7ateen fih quad core lich ! jeux jdod w gfx engine jdid tfarej 3la video azahi !!! chay yafja3 , asma3 kan yathher b 299$ echrihouli yayaya

  3. Anonymous16:43

    tefleg el be3a mala, lazemni wa7ed 7ata ana hhhhhh..uncharted hathika e jeux pffffff mouch normal.


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