ASUS B3 Revision motherboards will be released this week

This week ASUS will start shipping motherboards based on the latest Intel's 6-series B3 chipset stepping , the new version of these motherboard will has a "New B3 Revision" stiker on the corner of the product box , check out the picture :

As part of an overall recovery plan following the detection of the Intel® 6 series chipset design error, ASUS has implemented various customer support measures, including extensive product replacement and return with additional service hotlines around the world.

Based on new information from Intel®, ASUS is happy to announce that updated Intel® 6 series-based motherboards will begin shipping this week*, immediately after the revised design is released by Intel®. This fast response aims to prevent any further inconvenience and interruption to customers.

Customers who already own potentially affected motherboards may visit ... uage=en-us for product return and replacement details.

Additionally, users can easily identify revised products by checking for labels showing “New B3 Revision” displayed on products and their packaging. The chipset version can also be verified through the onboard sticker, BIOS, ASUS SATA Verifier or CPUID’s CPU-Z utility.

As Intel® indicated the design error only occurs with certain SATA 3Gb/s ports, ASUS has created the SATA Verifier utility to help customers clearly identify all unaffected SATA 6Gb/s ports for each relevant product. This information can be found at ... SATA_port/

We would like to use this opportunity to encourage any current users in possession of affected ASUS products to carry out return and replacement promptly, so that the transition to the revised hardware is as smooth and fast as possible.

For additional information and assistance, please feel free to contact your local ASUS service hotline.
Product picture:
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