ASUS GTX 660 Ti performance BIOS update

This is a good new for ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti standard, OC or TOP owner, ASUS release a BIOS update that will increase the performance of the overall graphic card up to 8% in 3DMark 2011, the BIOS update will increase the boost clock speed of the GPU core in addition to a voltage limit pump make the card run more stable with no power problems at high clocks speed.

How to flash the new BIOS: To flash your graphic card BIOS just download the appropriate BIOS file for your device from this page, then run the provided Nvidia Firmware update utility, and press ‘y’ when prompted (please set your graphic card settings to the default).

Check out the table for the affected GTX 660 Ti models:

GTX660 TI DC2T-2GD5 P8767 P9249 +5%
GTX660 TI-DC2O-2GD5 P8193 P8847 +8%
GTX660 TI-DC2-2GD5 P7925 P8195 +3%

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