iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S performance comparison with first benchmark

Another iPhone 5 post, now we're comparing the new iPhone 5 performance against the iPhone 4S, these benchmarks are considered to be the first benchmarks on the web before the launch date which is supposed to be the next Friday.

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The new iPhone 5 is powered with an A6 dual-core 1.02GHz ARMv7 processor no quad core, furthermore that this processor is a dual core Apple set a new advanced architecture for the new A6 boosting the performance of the processor to twice more than the precedent generation iPhone 4S, which score 629 under Geekbench for iOS versus 1601 for the iPhone 5, note that the A5 iPhone 4S CPU runs at 800Mhz clock speed, the memory controller on the A6 chip is a Samsung K3PE7E700F-XGC2, features 32-bit dual-channel LPDDR2 running @ 1066 MHz with a total of 1GB (Vs 512 on the iPhone 4S).

GeekBench iPhone 5 benchmark test result:

GeekBench iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S benchmark comparison: 

Below a benchmark comparing the new iPhone 5 versus predecessor generation iPhone 4S, the benchmark done under GeekBench benchmark software, and its clear that the same dual core based CPU but with an advanced achitecture and lower processing technology do a big work and boost the CPU performance all the ways.

System memory bandwidth benchmark: 
bellow you can find another benchmark now for the RAM  bandwidth performance versus the last generations 4S via macobserver.com.

The iPhone 5 launches date is set to Friday, September 21 at 8:00 a.m. local time. The initial batch of pre-orders has sold out, with mobile carriers and Apple now advertising “2-3 week” delivery estimates.

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