Haswell 22nm arch TDP 10W only

The next generation of intel CPUs will is the "Haswel" 22nm based architecture with a new advanced design targeting specially mobile devices with the new one-chip design known as system-on-chip or SoC for ultra-book and tablets with a much thinner die size, the nice number here is 10W, yes thats the TDP of a CPU.

Compared with the current 17W ultra low TDP on Ivy bridge that considered as a big deal, leaving the same performance.

Mind you, a 10W TDP probably still might not be enough to build fanless Haswell tablet designs quite as thin as the latest crop of Android slates, because most ARM chips are more efficient still, but it could bridge the gap between Intel's Atom and more capable processors. Still, Intel reps seemed to suggest that we shouldn't expect the full capabilities of a 17W Ivy Bridge chip at the 10W level, so we're curious to see how Haswell will perform.

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