iPhone 5 internal components prices estimation

Okay, this was done previously with the Apple's iPhone smartphones and the total hardware cost results was impressive, now the components price of the new iPhone 5 are estimated from some industrial sources, waiting for the final real price after the public release, the total is 167.5$ for the 16GB version, check it out.
It is estimated that it seems that Apple spends $ 167.50 only in materials to build the 16GB model. The most expensive component should be the new A6 processor: it comes to $ 28, $ 7 more than the A5 processor. More expensive component is the chipset Qualcomm: $ 25, up from $ 18 the previous model. The display is costing $ 3 more than the 4S.

The final estimates will be published after September 21, as always, we must then remember one important thing: this estimate only includes the cost of materials and does not include costs of production, the cost of research and development, investment in marketing, transport costs, margins of manufacturers and retailers , the percentage to be paid for patents and cost of software development.

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