A8-4555M and A4-4355M TDP and specifications

Basically the first leaked specifications of the 17 Watt TDP APUs from AMD was few days ago on a leaked note of the new Lenovo's IdeaPad notebooks powered with AMD A4-4355M and AMD A8-4555M.

The APUs listed again on the Samsung 535U3C and 535U4C ultra-thin laptops powered with an AMD's A6-4455M which is a dual core based and supporting up to four threads, clocked at 1.6Ghz and can be boosted to 2.4Ghz when needed, the cores uses 4MB of L2 Cache and equipped with an HD 7600G GPU all that for only 17Watt TDP, so lower power, lower heats and thinner sizes with quite the same performance as an i3 first gen.

Samsung 535U3C ultra-thin laptop pictures:

Specification table:
Model Cores /
Frequency /
L2 Cache GPU Shaders GPU frequency / Turbo TDP
A8-4555M 2 / 4 1,6 / 2,4 GHz 4 MB HD 7600G ? ? 17 W
A6-4455M 1 / 2 2,1 / 2,6 GHz 2 MB HD 7500G 256 327 / 424 MHz 17 W
A4-4355M 1 / 2 1,9 / 2,4 GHz 2 MB HD 7400G ? ? 17 W

Launch date is still unknown but expected very soon from any big notebook companies.

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