A10-5800K and FX-8350 appeared, specifications

The red company AMD introduced two flag-ship products, outside the IDF high tech show in San Francisco, they unveils, first one is the A10-5800K "Trinity" APU powered uses the socket FM2 and the second one is the eight physical cores based FX-8350 "Vishera" 32nm CPU which require the AM3+ socket.

AMD demonstrate the two chips running at full load using prime and Cinebench softwares, the FX-8350 was running on an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard with liquid cooling system and a Radeon HD 7970 video card, a CPUZ snapshots show the CPU running @ 3.8Ghz speed, note the CPU can do 5.00 GHz on turbo boost mode and that high factory clock require up to 1.5V for the core, the TDP shown is 125W, memory cache is 8MB, for the A10-5800K, it was under some demo with a widget live clock for the CPU and GPU,



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A10-5800K and FX-8350 appeared, specifications A10-5800K and FX-8350 appeared, specifications Reviewed by Mhr on 23:28 Rating: 5

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